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About Me

Hi, I’m Brittany (she/hers), and I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).

I absolutely love the work I do with clients! I work with individuals of all genders and sexualities to find relief from deeply held distress and pain. At the heart of my therapeutic philosophy is a fundamental belief that people and their mental health do not need to be "fixed" but do often need to be cared for in a more accepting and non-judgmental way. I firmly believe that this space of acceptance and non-judgment is a necessary part of healing and growth. One of my favourite quotes is from Carl Rogers - "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change." 


Even though it is very heavy at times, I feel so honoured to be able to meet clients in a space of shared humanity, with all of the pain, mess, hope, and healing that encompasses. I bring my full authentic self to every session and hope that my clients will feel safe enough do the same. 


One of my favourite parts of the therapeutic process is the unique experience of the therapist-client relationship. There are so few spaces in life where we are able talk candidly about our raw, unfiltered selves in such a non-judgmental and curious way. I'm endlessly fascinated by how powerful this is and the ways in which this unconditional acceptance nurtures clients' potential to grow, heal, and build resilience.


I have an affinity for working in the areas of shame, low self-worth, social anxiety, difficult parent-adult child relationships, eating disorders, highly sensitive, giftedness, and childhood trauma. 

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Registered Psychotherapist- Qualifying #10213

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, 2022

HBA/BSc Psychology, 2012

Teletherapist Network Member

My Approach

I'm often described as being warm and grounded, and I am genuinely invested in each client’s experience. Work with my clients is about creating a space that is safe enough to explore the roots of what is going on and so that we can move towards choice and change. Exploring often looks like gentle questioning, pointing out themes and patterns, validating and naming emotions, reframing situations to create flexible perspectives, encouraging deep reflection, and exploring different choices for moving forward. 

Although this process can be a little slower and more emotional, I have found that this process can create the deep shifts that are needed to sustain long term change. 


I draw from attachment, schema, and acceptance and commitment theory to inform my understanding of what is going on for clients. Understanding ourselves and our emotions through these lenses can allow for transformative acceptance, self-compassion, and change. These approaches are particularly powerful when working with long-standing or deep rooted feelings and beliefs that are causing problems in the present. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An approach that fosters acceptance, instead of avoidance and pathology. Learn to develop more psychological flexibility, present awareness, and self-compassion. 


Attachment Therapy: Together we explore accepting, expressing, regulating, making sense of, and transforming emotion. This approach can be particularly powerful for longstanding feelings of shame and negative beliefs about self, or situations where your thoughts and feelings feel at odds with each other. 


Schema Therapy: An approach that provides a lens for understanding how adverse childhood events and environments can create negative beliefs about self and others as well as unhelpful patterns of coping that are very resistant to change. Understanding ourselves and behaviours in this way can allow for transformative acceptance, self-compassion, and change.  


Trauma-Informed Approach: A strong emphasis is placed on creating safety and stabilization in both the therapy relationship and the client’s life before exploring past traumas. Careful consideration is given to the client’s readiness to explore and process their traumatic experience so that the client feels a sense of safety and agency. 


My Location

I am currently practicing out of Renewed Health and Wellness’ Orillia location while also offering virtual appointments for those who prefer Telehealth sessions. The office is located at 25 Mississaga St E, Orillia, ON L3V 1V4 with parking available in the municipal lot on Colborne St. 

Renewed Health and Wellness is a Naturopath Clinic and the owner/Naturopath Doctor Dr. Hannah Lafayette-Brooks is an advocate for importance of the mind-body connection in both physical and mental health. It's incredibly important to her that each patient feels heard, understood, and accepted throughout their health journey. Dr. Hannah is an incredibly warm, light-hearted, and compassionate individual and with all of our shared values I feel very fortunate to be able to work out of her space! 

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